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We are fully aware of our responsibility to allocate substantial work hours to investigate, work seriously and be meticulous in order to achieve success in our business.
H. Kaya AŞCI

Honorary President

Fatih AŞCI
Fatih AŞCI

President of the Agency / Chairman of the Board

Astajans is an institutional advertising and PR agency, which realizes the prerequisite of an advertising agency to develop ideas and exert its labor based on “complete service” concept.
We offer services in all areas of advertising. Our job is to provide the advertisers with the optimum solution, by means of evaluating all their needs which may cause them to knock on our door, without wasting money, time or effort. We like creating a trendy brand from scratch, as well as adding value to an already existing trademark. We are not only quite keen in designing, but we can also skillfully embrace divergent ideas, alternative media and utterly different ways of doing the job. We know and understand the concerns of a customer who has never ordered an advertising campaign or a web site before. We help the advertiser to have an open mind for alternative methods and new ideas, by means of our ability to offer various imaginative examples which can push the habitual boundaries further. Besides realizing large scale advertising campaign of major brands, we fondly serve people who call us just with the purpose of “having a web site of their own”.


Our Principle;

Astajans Communications amd Advertising Co. establishes the visual and corporate profiles of the institutions and companies it serves, defines the steps to be taken in order to address the targeted market segment, produces the required solutions and executes these in the name of its customer. Innovation prevails, we do not prefer to use reserved or previously deployed methods.

For promoting an institution, we can satisfactorily respond to all demands of our customers, thanks to our wide range of services. Our aim is to establish a long term cooperation with our customers, via keeping up our good relationships with customers. Customer satisfaction comes first; we do our best to comply with the given time constraints.

Briefly, Astajans works, generates, develops and executes for you.




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